Woman Spends Hours Searching Neighborhood For Her ‘Missing’ Cat

Zeus has always been a little wild. He’s constantly chasing his tail, he goes crazy every time his mom tries to make the bed or change the sheets, and he is great at finding the weirdest hiding places. His mom didn’t think he could possibly have any more surprises in store for her, but he recently proved her very wrong.

Valerie Goldsworthy

Valerie Goldsworthy, Zeus’ mom, was doing some cleaning when she suddenly realized she hadn’t seen Zeus in quite a while. Normally he likes to follow her around from room to room, but that day, he was strangely absent. Goldsworthy started casually looking around the house for him — but casual soon turned to panic when she realized that Zeus was nowhere to be found.

“I looked in every room, under beds, between boxes in the basement,” Goldsworthy told The Dodo. “I even looked in the wash and dryer (holding my breath he wasn’t in there). I looked under cabinets, I walked up and down the nearby streets, under cars, in neighboring gardens … everywhere. Well, at least I thought.”

Goldsworthy spent three hours searching for Zeus, and was absolutely beside herself when her efforts turned up empty. Defeated, she headed out onto her porch to get a better look at her neighborhood — and that’s when she finally discovered where Zeus had been hiding.


Valerie Goldsworthy

“I had previously stood in our balcony to get a better view of a distance away, so I decided to do it again,” Goldsworthy said. “That’s when my [other] cat, Artemis, jumped on the balcony railing. I went to pick up Artemis, and there was Zeus.”

Apparently, all those hours, Zeus had been right in plain sight all along — sleeping in a planter on the porch, blending in next to a plant the same color as him.

Valerie Goldsworthy

Zeus’ mom was overjoyed to finally find him and realize he’d been safe all along, while Zeus just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

“I pet him, loved him (because he was lost and now found), but he just opened his eye to look at me then went back to sleep,” Goldsworthy said.


Valerie Goldsworthy

Zeus then proceeded to stay in the planter for the rest of the day, very content with the new, apparently very sneaky spot he’d found. Hopefully he’ll stick to that spot for a while, so his mom won’t have to go on another hide-and-seek adventure.



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