Dog Stoned & Kicked Whenever He Asked For Food, Kept On 2-Foot Chain All His Life

A rescue group called Sidewalk Specials from Cape Town, South Africa, got a tip about an abused dog named Benji. When they went in to rescue Benji, they were outraged to see the emaciated dog lying chained-up on the concrete floor with many open wounds and bruises.

Apparently, Benji’s owner stoned and kicked him every time he asked for food. He spent his entire life chained on a 2-foot chain. By the time the rescuers arrived, he was already dying from starvation, infected wounds and frost bites from living outside in the cold.

When the rescuers offered Benji some food, the traumatized dog was afraid to touch it as he feared being hit again. Eventually, hunger got the better of him and he devoured the food in one go! Benji was shifted to a hospital for immediate attention to his health. The volunteers and doctors in the hospital had to work hard to gain Benji’s trust during his recovery.

Source: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Slowly but steadily, Benji came out of his shell and started showing some love to humans and befriending other dogs in the shelter. After months of rehabilitation, Benji is healthy and ready for his forever home. Spread the word and help him find a home soon! Do share Benji’s story of abuse so that his owner is slapped with animal cruelty charges and brought to justice.

Source: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Update: We are happy to learn that Benji has finally found his forever home. He has a very loving mommy to take care of him and a bunch of canine siblings to play with. Benji’s redeeming happy ending has us in tears! But the monster who gave him hell is still out there. Let’s keep spreading Benji’s story until the abuser is caught and punished.

Click the video below to watch Benji’s mind-numbing state of abuse and his journey towards recovery and a new home!

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